Charter of Duties

Safety of Life and Property at Sea

Indian Coast Guard ships and aircraft operations mitigate the effect of maritime accidents, and help in ensuring safety and security from natural or man-made disasters.

Assisting the Customs and other authorities in anti-smuggling operations

The Indian Coast Guard, in coordination with the Customs and other enforcement agencies, undertakes operations to prevent ingress and egress of contraband, and other items on the banned list.

Prevention and Control of Marine Pollution

The Indian Coast Guard conducts regular training for all stakeholders and oil agencies, and continuously validates various contingency plans to prevent environmental damage in case of marine oil-spills. It has developed the capability to be the "first-responder" for oil-spills in Indian waters.

Preservation and Protection of Marine Environment

The Indian Coast Guard is engaged with environmentalists for preservation and protection of the marine environment, including flora and fauna.

Protection of Fishermen

Coast Guard ships and shore establishments conduct regular Community Interaction Programmes (CIPs) to apprise the fisher-folk about safety measures to be adopted at sea. Information regarding upkeep and maintenance of boats and fishing gear is also imparted. Maritime security related aspects are also disseminated to fisherfolk.

Assistance to Fishermen in Distress at Sea

The Maritime Rescue Coordination Centers (MRCCs) co-located with RHQs, coordinate the Search and Rescue (SAR) efforts undertaken by Coast Guard units. Effective liaison is also maintained with the concerned state government departments for expeditious launch of SAR missions and their successful culmination.

Safety and Protection of Artificial Islands and Offshore Terminals

Coast Guard ships and aircraft undertake regular patrols to keep the Offshore Development Areas (ODAs), on both the Eastern and Western seaboard under surveillance.

Enforcement of Maritime Laws in Force

Indian Coast Guard ships and aircraft undertake regular patrols to enforce maritime laws, and other regulations and international treaties to which India is a signatory.

Collection of Scientific Data

Whilst on patrol, ICG ships collect relevant information regarding meteorological and oceanographic data for analysis and use by the scientific fraternity.