Selection of Enrolled Personnel in ICG

To ensure that quality resource is available to the Coast Guard, the benchmark for the selection of Enrolled Personnel is set high, right from the screening stage. The selection process is stringent and ensures that only the most suitable candidates are inducted into the service. The Indian Coast Guard Recruitment setup is responsible for the selection and recruitment of all uniformed entries into the Indian Coast Guard. The organization is headquartered in Sector 62, NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh and works closely with Human Resource Department (HRD) at CGHQ as well as all the stakeholders at Regional Headquarters (RHQs). Directorate of Recruitment specifically looks at recruitment of the Enrolled Personnel (EPs) and selection of Officers into the Coast Guard and is headed by Principal Director (Recruitment). Coast Guard Selection Board (CGSB) is headed by the Deputy Director General (DDG) and is responsible for conduct of testing of candidates for the selection of Enrolled Personnel for service in the Coast Guard. Directorate of Recruitment and CGSB follows the philosophy of selecting the best suited manpower for the Coast Guard while ensuring diversity, equal opportunity and security cum secrecy during the process of selection and recruitment. Following entries of Enrolled Personnel are recruited in Indian Coast Guard:-